Erasmus+ project „Photography Kaleidoscope: Inclusion, Communities, and Knowledge“ is prepared in accordance with the current affairs. It is intended to foster cognition, creativity, and community inclusion via one of the most easily accessible technologies and art forms – photography. In addition, the project is expected to help create and develop sustainable international relations, educate and improve the skills and competencies of those participating in adult education, which is necessary in order to make creative and innovative decisions, control current challenges and risks, encourage intercultural interaction and creative citizen self-awareness. This project will be implemented during 2022-2024.

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The target groups of the project:

  • Adult learners that do not possess basic abilities, have low qualifications, or learners at adult education school/centre.
  • Adult educators, andragogues, and personnel that engage in consulting, training, educating based on creativity, photography actualization, and work related cultural activities of adult groups.
  • Official and associated partners. Different society groups will be involved in the creation of project products, presentation, testing, and dissemination process: adult educators from partners and associated partners’ organizations; representatives of public libraries, museums, NGO sector educational and cultural organizations; adult learners; members of local communities; politicians; media representatives; formal and non-formal adult education professionals, and others who are interested in adult education through creativity, culture, and arts.

The main project objectives:

  • to strengthen the competencies of andragogues and other adult education field personnel, working in the field of culture and creativity, while using international experience, make the learning process easy, acquire new adult’s skills and competencies, cultivate creativity and share their experiences;
  • to use educational and artistic values of photography in order to motivate adults to become involved in the learning process, acquire new skills and competencies, cultivate creativity and share their experiences.

Project results will be publicly accessible, specialized for working with adults, that is, for socio-cultural inclusion motivation, educators and learners’ skills and competencies development and improvement, related to learning, broadening the worldview, motivating creativity, developing artistic style and innovative view on current challenges.


During the project is planned to create 2 intellectual products adapted for non-formal adult education:

  1. guidelines for creating educational exhibitions;
  2. programme of international (joint partners content) educational artistic photography exhibition.

In order to achieve the project objectives and deliver the planned quantitative and qualitative results, it is planned to organize: 3 partner meetings, 2 training events during the creation of guidelines for creating educational exhibitions, two testings of guidelines with associated partners, programme of international educational artistic photography exhibitions testing/presentation in partner countries (overall 5), 2 products dissemination events, 6 project dissemination events, also constant contact among project coordinator, partners, and associated partners.

As well as a special contest for the public will be organized in each country. This contest will help to promote the project and attract more participants to the project activities and consumptions of outputs which will be done after completion of the project. As well as all partners will represent this project on regional, national and transnational levels by participating in various events, training events, and conferences. Project implementation and management grant will be used to organize two result testing events in Lithuania and Spain with associated partners-participants from non-formal adult learning institutions; and five result testings in all partner countries. During these events the project will be presented, results tested, different kinds of activities, workshops, and internal training will be done.