Guidelines For Creating Educational Photography Exhibitions A New Tool For Educators And Creators

The Guidelines for creating educational photography exhibitions are insights and recommendations about the main aspects of creating high-quality professional photography exhibitions and the application of innovative methods in non-formal adult education activities. The guidelines were prepared by partners of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Photography Kaleidoscope: Inclusion, Communities and Knowledge” (PhotoKICK): Klaipeda County Ieva Simonaityte Public Library (Lithuania), National Museum of Lithuania (Lithuania), Art and Technology Center (Latvia), cultural association “Espacio Rojo” (Spain), science and research association for art, culture, educational programs and technologies “EPEKA” (Slovenia) and the Hungarian National Museum (Hungary). It is the first step for anyone interested in learning how the use of non-formal education and photography can benefit creators, educators and communities, encourage the inclusion of adults in cultural education and develope lifelong learning and creativity competencies.

The Guidelines consist of 3 parts – guidelines for creating educational photography exhibitions, recommendations for organizing educational photography exhibitions and examples of educational photography exhibitions. Parts 1-2 present an introduction to the main stages of curating educational photography exhibitions. Part 3 presents practical examples of educational photography exhibitions, which were selected and prepared by art critics, exhibition curators, educators and non-formal education specialists from each project partner organization.

Examples of educational photography exhibitions present the application of educational practices while organizing photo exhibitions of famous Lithuanian, Latvian, Spanish, Slovenian and Hungarian artists – Gintas Kavoliūnas, Antanas Ingelevičius, Lukas Murovec, Roberto Capa, Javier Atienza Alonso. These examples present different possibilities of using photography exhibitions in various fields of education for the development of creativity, actualization of heritage, presentation of social issues, introduction to the history of art, photography methods and innovations. They also introduce the experience of empowering local creators in the processes of developing interest in culture and heritage, and the application of augmented reality technologies in the cultural sphere.

The Guidelines are an open access resource for educators, andragogues, creatives and culture specialists working in the field of non-formal adult education and seeking to promote social and cultural inclusion and creativity in adults, as well as develope interest in creative and artistic processes and lifelong learning skills. They are also intended for those who aim to develop their professional skills and competences, artistic style, as well as, discover new opportunities for the education of the local community through the art of photography.

We invite you to discover the main principles of photography exhibition curation and creative educational practices applied in exhibitions, which contribute to the active promotion of adult participation in creative and non-formal educational activities.

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