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We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the International Documentary Photography Competition “Sign of the Times.”

This competition, which invited international photographers from five countries to capture the essence of our contemporary era, has seen remarkable participation and the emergence of extraordinary talent.

In total, we received 357 entries, showcasing the dedication and passion of photographers who have a deep commitment to documenting the world around us. The competition featured two categories, with 292 entries in the main category, “Sign of the Times,” and 66 entries in the sub-category for AI-generated images titled “Imagined Cities.” Participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, and Spain represented a diverse range of perspectives.

The competition’s theme, “Sign of the Times,” was a call to document the essence of our current era, capturing the people, processes, things, and events that define our time in the 21st century. Entries in the main category encompassed various documentary photography genres, including portraits, landscapes, still life, and street photography. The common thread was the endeavor to capture the spirit of our times, highlighting both the contemporary and the enduring.

Notably, street photography played a significant role, with candid, unposed images of people and everyday life in public spaces, capturing spontaneous moments and the essence of specific places and cultures. Documentary portraiture was also prevalent, offering a deeper narrative about individuals or groups within their unique contexts, shedding light on their lives, experiences, or social issues. Additionally, environmental documentary photography depicted the impact of pressing environmental issues, including climate change, conservation efforts, pollution, and the intricate relationship between humans and their environment.

The competition’s international jury was composed of esteemed members representing each of the five participating countries. The jurors, who were experts in photography, industry professionals, critics, artists, national museum specialists, journalists, and other distinguished figures, meticulously reviewed the submissions. In a unique twist, the international jury decided to expand the winners’ circle, increasing the number of winning entries from 25 to 26.

These winning entries in the main category, meticulously selected by the international jury, will be proudly showcased in the Exhibition Gallery at Adatu Fabrika, the Art Academy House of Latvia, located at Kalpaku iela 4, Kuldiga, Latvia, throughout September 2023. The captivating images are available for viewing online at https://photokick.eu/photo-gallery/ .

In the sub-category “Imagined Cities,” 26 exceptional AI-generated image entries chosen by the international jury is also featured on the website (https://photokick.eu/photo-gallery/) and displayed on the Digital Gallery Screen at Adatu Fabrika, the Art Academy House of Latvia, Kalpaku iela 4, Kuldiga, Latvia, in September 2023.

Three finalists of the main category will receive SONY digital equipment, Certificate, Trophy, Global press exposure, inclusion in the exhibition, catalogue, promoted on the PhotoKick Project website and social media.

Three finalists for the Subcategory “Imagined Cities” for AI-generated images selected by the international juror team will receive Certificate, Trophy, and Global press exposure, promoted on the PhotoKick Project website and social media as well as WizzAir, AirBaltic and Amazon gift cards.

The grand moment of celebration awaits as we announce the triumphant top three prize winners from both categories during the Award Ceremony scheduled for September 30th, 2023, in Kuldiga, Latvia. This event promises to be a true homage to the incredible talent and dedication of the participating photographers.

At its core, this competition is a testament to the power of photography to capture the present and, in doing so, shape the future. We believe that through these remarkable images, we gain insights into the world as it stands today and lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. To stay updated with the latest news, announcements, and updates regarding the competition, we invite you to regularly visit our official website at: https://photokick.eu/news/

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